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Thanksgiving: A unique holiday for a uniquely diverse nation- Catholic Philly, November 20, 2018

Indian American Catholic Association Heritage day- Catholic Philly, August 17, 2017

Cultural Heritage Mass shines light on young people in the Church- March 25, 2017

Sisters of St. Joseph open new Welcome Center for newcomers at St. Helena parish- March 22, 2017

Archbishop Wenski- Only Congress can fix our broken immigration system- Catholic  Philly, February 14, 2017

Bishop Deliman ordination in Archdiocese of Philadelphia-Catholic Philly,  August 19, 2016

Third Annual African National Eucharistic Congress- African Catholics urged to hold tight to their faith- America Magazine- August 9, 2016

PCMR communities celebrate Family Fun Picnic- Catholic Philly- July 16, 2016

Jubilee for Migrants and Refugees prayer service article and pictures at St. Thomas Aquinas- Catholic Philly- June 28, 2016

In Philadelphia visit, Indian Cardinal praises respect for family and religion- Catholic Philly- June 27, 2016

Brazilian community at St. Martin of Tours article and pictures- Catholic Philly- June 7, 2016

Catholics newcomers to Philly raise their prayers not only in English- Catholic Philly- June 7, 2016

Aquinas Center fundraiser shows what the Church can be- National Catholic Report- May 12, 2016

He helps Vietnamese navigate the strange new land of America- Catholic Philly- May 12, 2016

Speaker lays out Catholic environmental world view- Catholic Philly- April 25, 2016

Earth Day to be observed in ‘Catholic-style’- Catholic Philly- April 15, 2016

How refugee resettlement became a revival strategy for this struggling town- April 7, 2016

St. Maron Church serves local refugees families, Catholic Philly- April  5, 2016

Cultural Heritage  Mass 2016, Catholic Philly- March 19, 2016

Cultural Heritage Mass 2016, Philadelphia Inquirer- March 19, 2016

Pope’s visit to Philadelphia leads to conversion to Catholicism for one woman Video- February 16, 2016

Young and alone, refugees find open door at Catholic home in Bucks County- January 11, 2016

Holy Redeemer Chinese community World Meeting of Family Video- November 21, 2015

At Home Together: The Church and the Immigrant Family Video- September 1, 2015

Providing Pastoral Care to Immigrants and their Families- September 1, 2015

Nigerian Igbo 10th anniversary Mass- July 3, 2015

Archbishop Kurtz welcomes Pope Francis Encyclical,  ‘Laudato Si’- June 8, 2015

Quo Vadis Retreat for high school boys- June 8, 2015

New Palestinian saints promoted women, encouraged peace- May 15, 2015

Indonesian Family’s Language of Love- May 14, 2015

Vietnamese Catholics Strong Faith- April 23, 2015

Vietnamese Catholics eagerly await for Pope Francis- April 22, 2015

Cultural Heritage Mass – March 14, 2015

Archbishop Oscar Romero to be Beatified on May 23- March 11, 2015

St. Adalbert Parish Mass with St. John Paul II relics- February 1, 2015

 Nigerian Igbo Blessed Iwene Tansi Celebration- January 25, 2015

Bishop Eusebio Elizondo on President Obama Executive Action- November 20, 2014

African Heritage Mass 2014 – October 22, 2014

Bishop Richard E. Pates to Secretary of State John Kerry on his visit to Central America – July 24, 2014

Cardinal Sean O’Malley on Border Crisis – July 18, 2014

Bishop Mark Seitz Testimony on Unaccompanied children –
June 25, 2014

Archbishop Wenski Homily Migrants – May 29, 2014

Cardinal Dolan on Immigration Reform – September 5, 2013